About Samina Kwan


Embark on a transformative journey of inspiration and personal growth under the expert guidance of Samina, a highly regarded thought leader in the mental health community. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in mindset shifting, Samina has successfully empowered and trained numerous graduate students, mental health therapists, law enforcement personnel, health administrators, and medical providers.

Drawing on a dual master’s degree in social work and public administration, Samina’s passion for helping others extends beyond mental well-being. Motivated by a desire to address financial stressors, she pursued additional courses and became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® certificant. As a licensed clinical social worker, Samina has tirelessly supported youth and adults in various settings, providing invaluable assistance for concerns ranging from depression, anxiety, and addiction to self-esteem, relationships, career, and finances.

In collaboration with the esteemed University of Southern California (USC), Samina played a pivotal role in establishing the institution’s first tele-mental health program, a program dedicated to assisting military personnel with their reintegration into civilian life. Currently, she serves as a Clinical Instructor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (Practitioner) at USC’s Keck School of Medicine while running her own coaching business.

Samina’s coaching approach focuses on equipping high-performing individuals with effective tools to overcome burnout, anxiety, lack of motivation, self-limiting beliefs, and unhealthy communication styles. Grounded in evidence-based and neuroscience research, her methods aim to inspire personal growth and help individuals strive towards greater purpose and achievement.

Start your journey today, where warmth, expertise, and unwavering support converge to unlock your true potential. Discover the path to a life filled with fulfillment, resilience, and meaningful connections.

Let authenticity be your anchor.

"I reclaimed my power and now live an authentic life."

I understand the challenges you’re facing because I’ve been in your shoes. I know what it’s like to grapple with self-limiting thoughts that hold you back, keeping you stuck and unable to fully thrive.

In my early 20s, I found myself on the path towards an arranged marriage, as dictated by my parents. At that time, I had also started graduate school, and although therapy wasn’t mandatory, it was suggested that we experience it from the client’s perspective.

During my very first therapy session, my world was turned upside down. My incredible therapist asked me what I wanted to work on, and I found myself saying, “I don’t really have any problems, except this one thing I need you to make go away.” It was an undeniable presence, much like a pink elephant in the room, patiently awaiting acknowledgment.

Speaking those words out loud shattered the fragile façade I had carefully constructed. It initiated a profound journey of rejection, grief, and hopelessness, but it also brought about awareness, compassion, love, and acceptance. I remember feeling as though I wouldn’t survive the ostracization I feared. However, the most valuable lesson I learned was that I was seeking acceptance from others before accepting myself. Once I embraced self-acceptance and recognized my own worth, my well-being and relationships began to flourish.

Through intentional action and a focus on my well-being and personal growth, I discovered the keys to success in my health, relationships, career, and financial stability. I reclaimed my power and now live an authentic life. My deepest desire is to assist others in doing the same for themselves.

Together, we can navigate the challenges, break free from self-limiting beliefs, and embark on a transformative journey towards a life of authenticity, joy, and fulfillment. Let’s work together to create the positive changes you deserve.